Structured Blogging Plug-in Review

Structured Blogging Plug-in for Wordpress

Year: 2006

Version: 1.0pre13


Platform: Linux

Category: Publishing


Price: Free

Rating: 3 out of 5

How about this for a bit of recursion - I am reviewing the Structured Blogging Plug-in for Wordpress using the Structured Blogging Plug-in. I think the basic idea of it should suit a lot of the posts on this blog which tend to be reviews.

Installation was a breeze and it seems to play ok with WP2.0.

Criticisms so far?

[1] It seems to slow down the load of the “writing page” by an enormous amount. [2] The simple Star Rating system for reviews is a bit limiting. Most people want to give a range of scores for different aspects of things - acting/directing/cinematography for movies and food/service/ambiance/value for restaurants. Don’t even think about getting AA Gill started on the topic of star ratings. And most wino’s, ahem, wine experts, would faint at the thought of a star system for wines. [3] Where the hell have the rich text editing controls from WP2.0 gone? Actually I hate them but the plug-in seems to even had got rid of the simple controls (what the hell is the html for strikethrough again?)

After a bit more testing, I’ll probably use it when appropriate. Feedback appreciated.

In the original draft of this posting, I used the “Tags” feature of the plug-in. Don’t bother as it does not create hyperlinks over to those tags on Technorati. So the tags below were done (as always) by the great SimpleTags plug-in.

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