Cully and Sully Chicken and Leek Pie - Thumbs up from 2 to 37

I got back from the US on Sunday after a tortuous routing - if our feet didn’t actually touch the ground in St Louis, can we say we have been there? I was pretty much all beefed out (hope to god that is not some awful double entendre) after a Texan week. Catherine had spotted the Cully & Sully ready-meals in Supervalue and grabbed two to see what they were like. As neither of us had the energy to cook, I decided to give the  Chicken & Leek Pie a twirl.

The pies come in a plastic-sealed ramekin-style ceramic dish which you can obviously re-use and they cost about a fiver. Great value when you consider the dish. Four minutes in the micro and it was ready to go. The result? De-lish, tasty, tasty, tasty: Spuddies, chicken, leek, sauce - what more could you ask for?

I rarely eat ready-meals nowadays but I was a fiend for them in college. Findus crispy pancakes, potato waffles and beans - I will never ever eat that combo again. Birds Eye Beef Curry - ditto. Dunnes Stores Roast Chicken Dinner - agghhhhh. But Cully & Sully are in an entirely different league. When I had that chat with Cully at the Ballymaloe course, he admitted he had never eaten one of those Boil in the Bag dinners in his life. You can tell - the pie I had on Monday was up there with home cooking.

But as I may be influenced by Sully’s recent kind words on this blog, I decided to consult with high-flying flamboyant girl about Bandon town, Sibéal O’Neill, for her independent opinion. Not known for her retiring nature in matters of food, Sibéal had been having dinner at the same time as me. She was deeply unhappy with her lovely fish dinner. Unprompted she started dipping her food into the sauce in my pie. When I was finished, she grabbed the dish off me with her two hands, stuck her face in it and licked it clean. No words necessary there really. And none possible beyond “YUM!” as she is only 2.

There ye have it. Old fatties likes em, young squirts likes em. Go get em.

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