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My old friend and classmate from college Dee Burke read my review of The Four Seasons and sent me her review of La Maison Troisgros in France. I asked if she’d mind if I posted it here due to the drooling all over the keyboard that resulted when I read it. She said sure. So, for the first time in the five years this blog has been in existence - a posting from someone other than Mr Creosote: > Peter had heard of “La Maison Troisgros” for the first time when he did a management course in the IMI years ago. The restaurant was used as an example of how customer service should be. But really it is the food that puts La Maison Troisgros on the cullinary map. It is regularly listed in the top restaurants worldwide. What it says at > > “For three generations, the Troisgros name has carved out a place in the history of French cooking. Its renown is the work of Jean-Baptiste and Marie, their two sons, Jean and Pierre and Michel et Marie-Pierre who carry on the tradition today. > > Founded in 1930, Troisgros celebrated in 1998 its 30 consecutive years with three Michelin stars, the most prestigious rating in France”. > > Michel Troisgros is the current chef (his son is now in food school!) with his grandfather starting the restaurant in 1930 and they have not dropped any of their 3 stars rating since they received them in 1968. > > We left the house and the kids with my brother on Friday morning at 5.00am to get a flight to Paris CDG at 7.00am. We drove down to Roanne and it took approx 6 hours. Lyon is closer but the flights didn’t suit. > > I know it is very expensive when you stay for 2 nights and eat the tasting menus both nights but man we would do it again. The food and the whole experience was just out of this world. It’s hard to know where to start so I won’t! > > They have a special on Friday nights (and other nights during the week but not saturday) called a moment of happiness where for €550 you get your room, breakfast next morning for 2, tasting menu plus recommended drinks (apperetif,half bottle white, half bottle red, water, coffees) for 2. The tasting menu had 8 or 9 courses. > > Michel Troisgros comes around to speak to everyone during their meal. There is a glass wall at part of the dining area where you can see right into the kitchen, where there are at least a dozen chefs milling about. > > We met Michel a few times over the weekend and stopped to chat to us and gave us his time….. a really lovely man who is passionate about his food. > > We don’t get out much any more and what we spent would probably get us 10-15 good nights (actually less when you consider baby sitting costs) out in Dublin. So we are staying in for those 10-15 nights and saving up to go back! It wasn’t just the food; it was the hotel, the room, the staff, the whole experience. > > In one word…..GO! I’m booking the flights now. [tags]La Maison Troisgros, France, cuisine, guest reviewer[/tags]

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