Dammit they were out of Lincoln Navigators

Yer, I want dat wun:

So we only got a massive SUV instead of a planet-sized one on our arrival in Texas. We’re here for the week and I hope I keep my wits about me and take plenty of Nokia Crap-cam pictures. The first one will be of our town runabout with three rows of seats and what sounds like a V6 under the bonnet. I spun the tyres when taking off gently from some traffic lights and squealed them every time I turned a corner.

Nice coincidence too - today is Martin Luther King day and last night we drove past MLK Jr Boulevard. So am I the only one who thought the U2 song was called “Milk”?

It’s gonna be a hard week of work here - not getting back until Sunday but we are less than four miles from Frys for all those critical technology purchases (of course we need  a 50” Plasma Flatscreen that only plays NTSC DVDs honey. Yes, fitting it in the Samsonite will be a challenge) and I also got me a hankering after some Texas BBQ. All you can eat Brisket, Smoked Turkey and Sausage at The Salt Lick. Mmm, mm, mmm.

Pictures as they happen.

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