The Your Sinclair Rock n Roll Years 1985 now available

Unless the name Matthew Smith means something to you and you get a wee tingle when the words “Manic Miner” are uttered, then you are probably not interested in the rest of this post.

But, YSNRY 1985 is finally with us just in time for christmas. This is the latest in a very very special (to Speccy fanatics like myself) series of animated “movies” about the hey-day years of ‘Your Sinclair/Your Spectrum’ magazine, an esteemed journal which published two games by yours truly back in 19851986!

It really is worth checking out all of the episodes if you ever had a Speccy or even a (spit) Commodore 64, Vic-20, Jupiter Ace, Oric-1, BBC Micro, Electron, ZX81, ZX80 or Enterprise/Elan/Flan. Do the author a favour tho and use bittorrent to download.

Some kind soul with an enormous amount of spare time has scanned in all the issues of Your Sinclair and Your Spectrum. Conor’s works of genius (being “The Grid” and “The Cherry Run”) in pure Z80 assembler can be viewed in all their JPEG glory below.

The Grid: Your Spectrum, Final Issue, December 1985

The Cherry Run: Your Sinclair, Issue 4, April 1986

If you are nostalgic for games that had graphics designed by a blind person, then you can actually play these games on your PC. Grab either ZXSpin or EmuZWin. Then download one of The Grid, Cent The Pete or Cherry Run and check out what a sad puberty I really had.

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