Spongebob The Lobster

I finally did it - down to Union Hall with all four of the darlings and we bought a lobster. Poor Ois nearly had a heart attack when the guy in the shop leaped towards him with the lobster in his hand! Oscar just wanted to know how I was going to kill it. That kid worries me sometimes.

So here he is, just home, Spongebob.


Overnighted in the fridge covered in wet newspaper. Into the freezer for 2 hours and then straight into boiling, heavily salted water as per Sophie Grigson.

Also made my first ever mayonnaise. It split and I put too much oil in it. But other than that it was perfect ;-)

The lobster wasn’t great to be honest. Very disappointing - tiny amount of meat which was a bit stringy and didn’t have much flavour. Not worth €19. Back to crab.

And now for the bridge I mentioned recently. No it is not a pedestrian bridge and yes that is a van coming towards me:


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