Quick Health Round-Up on Stomachs and Nuts

Run off my feet this week so blogging has been even lighter than usual. Two health related stories caught my eye:

Discoverers of H.Pylori get Nobel Prize

This is fantastic. I’ve had the treatment and unfortunately it appears I am in the 10% for whom the little bastard bacteria are not the problem. My problem is more likely to be Curry, Coffee and Sauvignon Blanc.

The discovery that Helicobacter Pylori is responsible for the majority of stomach ulcers is often used by the alternative medicine brigade to beat up “traditional” medicine. It was originally found in 1982 but it took until the late 90’s before it became accepted as fact. Treatment is a simple three way drug course for two weeks (two anti-biotics and Nexium - the stomach drug of the gods).

The quacks would claim that mainstream medicine tried to suppress it as they are all in thrall to the drug companies and one dose of three drugs generates a lot less income than a lifetime on Tagamet or Zantac. In fact, mainstream medicine simply insisted that proper scientific testing was done on the hypothesis (including the dreaded double-blind testing that most alternative medicines fall down on). After years of research and testing and trials, it was proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that H Pylori is the baddie in most cases (not over-active acid-producing cells). Most doctors now send those suffering from bad stomach complaints for a test and then treat accordingly.

Yayy Science!!

Cycling bad for your Nads

Shock horror. C’est pas possible? I’m dumbfounded. Smashing your nuts against a hard bicycle seat over long periods causes damage? It took research to figure this out?

Best quote in the article “there are only two kinds of male cyclists - those who are impotent and those who will be impotent”.

I got a bike last year and did quite a few short blasts around the locality early in the morning. This year has been a disaster and I’ve only been out a few times. I should really take it back up again. It’d be a damn sight cheaper than the snip……..Ah bugger, I got impotent and sterile confused again, didn’t I?

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