Stormhoek not quite stonking but pretty damned good

My bottle of Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc 2005 from the gapingvoid freebie arrived by courier this evening. I was going to wait until tomorrow to review but one dead linux server has fast-tracked the opening.


It uses a screw-cap which I support 100% for Sauvignons. I am sick to the back teeth of getting ruined bottles of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé with their crappy corks.

On opening, a bit of a sniff tells me that it is along the same lines as other South African Sauvignons and not like the Marlborough ones. So it’s pleasant but without the nose punch you get off a Villa Maria.

A few mouthfuls and I am well happy. Very decent wine. I am no Jilly or Oz, so comparisons to cut grass or mongolian ecky-ecky ftang flowers shall have to be left to others who are more knowledgeable. This is the type of wine I put in the eminently quaffable category. It’s not blow-my-socks off fantastic but it beats all Chilean Sauvignons I have drunk in the past two years. Besting the Chilean giants at their own game is something to be proud of. It is also the best South African Sauvignon I have tried to date.

Negative points? A bit thin and lacking in depth so maybe not brilliant for skulling back whilst watching Green Wing on a friday night but an absolutely perfect partner for food.

I’d love to know what the price point for this is. Most of the Chilean/South African Sauvignons come in at €10 to €12 in Ireland. The New Zealand ones are more €12 to €16 (apart from over-rated Cloudy Bay at €26). If this is at the same level as it’s peers then I think Stormhoek will have a very strong seller on their hands.

You Orbital boys have a distie yet in Ireland? Maybe it is time for me to diversify the company into wine.

Now back to deciphering the arcane mysteries of fsck with two glasses of wine inside me.

UPDATE: I am an ungrateful pup. At no point above did I say thanks to Stormhoek, Orbital and Hugh for the lovely bottle of free wine. Thanks all.

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