Treffen 2005 in Bandon

The Honda Goldwing Owners Club had their annual Treffen in Bandon last weekend. It was a thrill to see so many fabulous bikes from all over Europe around the town. I could make a crack about the fact that the owners all seemed to be overweight middle-aged men, but as I now fall firmly in that category, I shall desist.

They did a parade on Saturday afternoon and we caught them on the return leg as they headed back to the camp in the GAA pitch. I took a few piccies quickly which are below and I also used the “movie” feature of the Ixus 400 to grab some video. This is quite possibly the worst quality video ever posted on a blog. Check it out below.

The boys were hugely impressed by the cool bikes, particularly the trikes and the ones with side-cars. On our drive from Wilton to Bandon on Sunday morning, we had to wind down the window and let Oisín wave at every single bike that we passed.

Events like this are great for a town and hopefully this will encourage more Clubs to come here. Porsche 911 Owners Club - any interest?


Treffen Flickr Set

Treffen The Movie

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