Conor's Blog on the move

Finally, 5 years after registering and just having it re-direct to geocities, eircom and blogspot (in that order), I am now properly hosted with PowWeb. The value for money they were offering made it an easy decision. The import of the Blogspot Blog went disasterously badly yesterday as I did it on the latest 1.5.2 version of Wordpress which the importer did not like. Tonight I reverted to, did the import and then did the upgrade and it all worked swimmingly.

So the old blog at is now for historical purposes only. Keep your ass over here. I’m still on a bog standard default Wordpress theme with links to nothing. I’ll get a more reasonable L&F on it over the next week or so. For the 0.00000000025% of people who read this blog with an RSS Aggregator like Bloglines, please subscribe to the Feedburner feed at, rather than directly to the feeds on this site. Let me know if you spot any problems.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland