Importing from Blogger/Blogspot to Wordpress

I'm in the process of trying to move off a free Blogspot account over to Wordpress for my personal blog. I have yet to decide whether to use something free like [Blogsome ]( get hosted with a recommended Host like [PowWeb]( or an Irish host like [Blacknight]( If anyone has opinions on these alternatives, I'd be very interested in hearing them. If the Irish option is reasonable, I'd obviously prefer to go with that. My concern about Blogsome is the lack of a business model to support their free hosting. PowWeb looks like a no-brainer but if the Blacknight alternative is competitive both technically and price-wise then I'd probably go with that. But ignoring that for a minute, my biggest concern was that I'd be able to move all my old Blogspot posts and comments over to Wordpress. I have just done a trial run using instructions I found on [Andy Skelton's site]( It is as awkward as hell but it worked perfectly - I now have posts from 2001-2005 residing on my Fedora box at home after 30 minutes of fiddling. The only other annoyance is that I have the domain registered with Yahoo Domains. I then point it at wherever I happen to be doing my posts to. Ideally I'd like to move that over completely to the new host and not need re-directs. This looks messy so any tips there appreciated too.

Conor O'Neill

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