I am the weaver

To quote the great Bill Hicks. Yesterday I tried to create a new classic instant meal. I decided to traverse the extremes from MSG to Midleton by creating a masterpiece consisting of Koka Chicken "flavoured" Noodles, leftover sausages and Organic Rocket Pesto from the Midleton Farmers market. Oh dear, won't be having that again. A fuzzy Nokia crap-cam picture of the gourmet extavaganza: [![noodles](http://photos21.flickr.com/33867746_eb14c76efc_m.jpg)](http://www.flickr.com/photos/bandon1/33867746/ "Photo Sharing") Next week, I will give details of the current greatest instant meal of all time which I have eaten since I was a kid: Heinz Spaghetti Hoops nestling on a bed of processed ham delicately covered in a layer of grated cheddar with optional Chef Brown Sauce. Plate-licking-tastic. I recently convinced Ois?n that the Heinz Hoops were in fact special Bob The Builder Hoops which consisted only of Travis the Tractor's wheels. I can't believe the poor darlin fell for it. He now demands Travis hoops in preference to Scooby Doos.

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