That's all folks, HP RIP.

Alan Kay is leaving HP.[ Good Morning Silicon Valley covering it here]( and [Dan Gillmor here]( In a few years time, they'll be just another Sperry, Digital or Data General, picked up for chump change by someone like EMC. A few years back on an EI/Stanford training course I did in Palo Alto, we were shown around HP. They still had Bill and Dave's offices exactly the way they were when they retired. I guess Hurd has converted them into stationery cupboards by now. Silicon Valley exists to a large extent because of people like those two guys and the vision of many of those in Stanford. Then one word you could never use when discussing most of the current generation of Valley CEOs is vision. So after Carly gives them a wedgie, Hurd castrates them. A sad day for a once great company.

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