Impress with Wordpress

Sometimes I identify great software at first sight (XEmacs, Eclipse, VMWare, GMail) and sometimes I need to be beaten over the head with it (Subversion, NetBeans, Flickr).

I have seen references to Wordpress constantly on blogs and for some reason never checked it out, which is totally out of character for a click-junkie like me. But I was getting frustrated with Blogger and the difficulty in customising it and started looking around. I also had the cunning idea of moving the Argolon Solutions Web-Site over to a Blog-based solution as a sort of mini-CMS. All roads seemed to lead to Wordpress.

One quick download later; holy crap, this thing is fabulous. It took all of 5 minutes (max) to install on my Win2K box (already running Apache, MySQL and PHP). Two minutes to configure and I was doing test posts less than 10 minutes after doing the download. So I re-tried on the Fedora box - just as quick, just as easy. Then I tried doing a test install on the Argolon site hosted by Hosting365. OK, this took longer as I wasn’t sure how to unzip the distro without shell access. But a bit of messing and it was up and running in about 20 minutes.

I’ve looked at tons of sample templates and found a few doozies. So now I need to decide (a) do I move Argolon over to it and (b) where/how will I host it for All links to my current blog are to I need to think more about this.

So if you are in the market for a brilliantly easy, totally free, utterly configurable blogging system, go grab Wordpress and play.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland