Job supply-demand equilibrium in Cork?

The job scene is Cork seems very strange to me (coming from working 11 years in Dublin). I hear complaints about the lack of tech jobs down here but at the same time we are having severe problems getting CVs from contractors for Argolon Solutions. To date we have done a Monster ad, an Examiner ad and mentioned openings on this blog and we have received a tiny number of CVs in response. Is every techie in Cork in gainful employment? If you look at the job ads tho, there are very few - hence my comment about Supply-Demand Equilibrium. Basically is it a fixed number of people in a fixed number of jobs, moving between those jobs every once in a while?

So in an attempt to prove myself wrong:

We need contract developers to work on some custom developments with us for a major US multinational based in Cork. Ideal candidates will be comfortable with SQL and Java (J2EE preferably) targetting either SQL Server or Oracle. Knowledge of Workflow products and their integration with legacy data sources would be a major plus. It would be useful to have some experience of reporting products like Crystal. Experience level should be 2+ years of strong development. CVs please to

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland