Mock-Tudor Edwardian Georgian Castle with Irish Bar

Ah yes, those Sheraton folks in Massachusetts really know their architecture. Our hotel was only bettered by the one we drove under which straddled the Massachusetts Turnpike. I've always wanted a room with cars whizzing past 20 feet under my floor. Shopping disaster - only had time for Toys R Us. Kids happy even if I'm still without a new keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, we had some very successful meals. If you are ever in Framingham, check out "Legal Seafood" - great food, good buzz and grumpy waitresses; "are you finished with that or do you want to pick some more?" (that's an exact quote). Arturo's Italian was more downmarket but incredibly friendly and not bad food - better than 99.99% of Italian joints in Ireland. Having said that, my risotto is better. And finally "The Naked Fish" - another top class fish restaurant, really tasty food and impressive considering it seems to be a chain. How the hell did I not get a burger in the entire week? Our "Summit" was a major success. It's nice to know that the work you do, beavering away in Cork, is actually appreciated coast to coast in the US. Came away with tons to do which is always a good sign. And a week after I first heard the phrase, someone else said: "we suck less". Amen brother. Oh, and I gotta get me one of these for the Bandon-Ballincollig commute: [Lincoln Navigator](

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland