Tim Nice But Dim

Well it was obvious since Paul was fired but what a disappointment. Tim has not excelled once in the entire series of [The Apprentice](http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice/). Can you think of one thing he did where you went "wow"? The series for me consists of some great scenes involving Paul, James and Saira. But maybe that's what Sugar wants - an average MOR guy who won't challenge him and will do what he is told. However that is not the sort of manager who replaces you when you retire. But I guess Sugar Jr will get that job. I've noticed that with strong leaders I've worked with over the years. The sort of people they hate are people exactly like themselves. Fatal flaw. Roll on Series 2\. Hopefully they'll find some women who have a clue and spend more than a fiver getting their hair coloured every month. Meow.

Conor O'Neill

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