Nice Car Mate

That Vauxhall Astra ad is an absolute stonker. I love it. Catches the concept of a petrol-head perfectly. Oisín, my 3 year old, is already well on the road to being a car nut. But somethimes it's just spooky. We were stuck in a traffic jam in Killeagh on Sunday and were stopped beside a new Bangle-era BMW 5-Series. Oisín looks out his window and says "that's the same as grandad's car". How the hell could he suss that with only the side profile in view when his grandad drives an old-model 7-Series? Then he goes "the wheels are the same". Holy crap, I love cars but I never notice the bleedin wheels. Oh I think we may have a future Schumacher on our hands (preferable to a future Irvine anyway). This is the same child who shamed me at my latest niece's christening on Saturday. We are sitting not-quietly in the church waiting for the gig to start and someone hands Oisín a missal. He "reads" it for a moment, looks at me and says "I'll have burgers, chips and ketchup please". Yes, we are a very religious family.........

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland