I knew it, I knew he was faking

OK-bleedin-Computer? How stupid is the average Channel 4 viewer? Fat-bloated-prog-rock-whinge-fest pap voted the greatest album of all time? Maybe it isn't so shocking when you learn that they also voted The Verve (the Verve!) higher than Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and The Doors. What can be the cause of the destruction of the brain stems of the average British TV viewer? Cocaine? E? Fluoride? Tony Blair? PS2? I despair. OK "shoot me now I can't take any more of this crap and I'm only on the third song" Computer? Better than The Beatles? Now I don't actually like the Beatles but they had a smidge more talent than these con-artists. At least the emperors clothes were revealed to all the sycophantic muppets who like what they are told to like when the laugh-fest that was Kid A was released. The only (and I mean only) redeeming aspect of this was that the 100 songs were pre-selected (why???) and viewers just had to vote on the order. This would explain the lack of people like Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Cream, Muddy Waters. Hell even Queens of The Stone Age and The Kings of Leon have more talent in their toes than goddammed Dido (placed 57th). Great show tho. Seeing a clip of Ozzy doing "Paranoid" was a joy. Johnny Marr is a witty fucker too. Next week on Channel 4: "Sleep" by Andy Warhol is voted greatest movie of all time.

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