On joining nearForm as Chief Product Officer

This might surprise you, but the most exciting tech company in Ireland is based in Tramore.

On April 3rd I joined nearForm as Chief Product Officer. I genuinely believe nearForm is destined for all-time greatness and I want to contribute to that.

nearForm Logo

One of my career highlights so far was playing a part in the acquisition of FeedHenry by Red Hat. The day I found out that they were a potential buyer will always stay with me. I have had 2.5 amazing years with them and my opinion has only gone up as time progressed.

What makes Red Hat special is its culture. They manage to combine an absolute commitment to Open Source with a completely rigorous commercial sensibility. I strongly recommend you read yesterday’s blog post by Paul Cormier, President of PnT in Red Hat, on Open Source.

The reason I’ve always found nearForm so interesting is that it also has that magical combination of community and commercial, but as a startup. In the coming months we’ll be talking a lot more about nearForm’s Open Source contributions. It goes far far beyond what most people realise.

Yet we are also growing at an amazing rate.

I’ve never been more excited to start a new job.

If you’d like to be part of our journey, we’re hiring for UX, Front-End, Back-End and DevOps roles right now.

Conor O'Neill

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