How to follow the #CSW #GE11 Election Results/Buzz

This is for people interested in Cork South West election coverage/results.

Love it or hate it, if you want absolutely up-to-date information on the General Election over the next few days then you have to be on Twitter. Don’t worry, for most of it you don’t have to setup an account.

So the main feeds you’ll probably be interested in are:

  • #GE11 - This will be a firehose and only for total politics junkies. A huge percentage of Tweets about the election by everyone on Twitter will have this tag
  • #CSW - This is much quieter and is specifically for Cork South West Tweets
  • @RTEcorkSTHWEST - This is for RTE’s coverage of the count in Cork South West
  • @RTE_Elections - Despite my many criticisms of RTE, this has been a brilliant feed of general election coverage
  • General Election Candidates - This is Suzy Byrne’s list of 265 General Election Candidates accounts.
  • General Election 2011 - A small list I created of people/accounts talking about the election And finally, my little geeky project over at CurationByMe. It allows you to pop in a List like Suzy’s and then filter it by a tag. So you can see just #ge11 related tweets by everyone in a specific list, not everything they are saying. Unlike all of the other above, you do need a Twitter account to use it.

Any other hashtags, accounts or lists that people can recommend for Cork South West coverage? Radio stations, newspapers etc?


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