Fat Club Update

The idea of relentlessly banging on about weight and fitness here and on Twitter didn’t really work. There are only two people that I follow on Twitter doing it and one of them is my sister. But I have been marking major milestones and today was one of them.

So from Dec 29th to Feb 9th, I have lost 20 pounds.

How? No booze, no snacking, no sweets, normal breakfast, normal lunch, smaller dinner, fruit whenever I’m peckish and a small amount of treadmill Mon-Fri.

My BMI, body fat and visceral fat are all still atrocious but on the way down.

On advice from @adventsparky on Twitter, we invested in a body fat analysis machine (aka tarted up weighing scales) on Amazon. This Omron BF510 Body Fat and Composition Bathroom Scales has both feet pads and handgrips to give a much more accurate analysis of fat by running a small signal through your body.

I then track that in a spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Next major milestone will be the 2 stone mark. I figure about another 2ish weeks for that.

Eventual aim is 4+ stone reduction by mid-late summer. Fingers crossed.

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