Great news for fishies in West Cork

So if food lovers are foodies and wine lovers are winos ;-) I’ve decided that fish lovers are fishies. Just got a comment on an old blog post about the fish shop in Union Hall and it’s all good news: > we Glenmar Shellfish have now merged with Antcar over 12mths ago - if you are ever in Union Hall again be sure and call into the shop again - The Fish Shop - you will not be disappointed - we have recently extended the shop and added alot of additional products to our impressive array of fish - including mussels !!- we also now have a wine licence and stock a very impressive selection of wines - look forward to seeing you soon!!

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I’m embarrassed that it has been that long since I was down to buy some fish. Having heard this tho, we’re already thinking about what fish we’re going to cook this weekend. If I can drag my lazy ass out of bed on Saturday morning, I’ll be down for a look!

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