An important one for Bandon residents

The blog has an important post about the Action Plan for the improvement of Bandon town centre. They have full details on what it’s all about but the critical bit is having your say. Let the consultants who are drawing up the proposals know what you think should be done to improve the town. Some off the top of my head are:

  • Finish the bypass (I know I know, this isn’t in their remit)
  • Improved street lighting, particularly on bypass
  • Extended footpaths on all major routes out of town
  • Changing junction priorities
  • Traffic lights at top of Glasslyn
  • Removal of some right turns in the town
  • Better bus stops
  • Encouraging the owners of all the land on Glasslyn to develop it
  • Encouraging a new commercial indoor play area
  • Presenting Bandon as a great location for hi-tech biz. Lower cost that Cork City and only 30 mins from the airport. I’m afraid Laragh doesn’t cut it. Some EI subsidised units in town or maybe a hotdesking facility like they have in Macroom
  • Presenting Bandon as a full-service town for people moving to Cork. In particular the great schools and sports facilities
  • Presenting Bandon as a great location for high-end restaurants. If Otto and Casino House can be huge successes in the middle of nowhere, why can’t we have high end places here?
  • A toll for trucks that go through town, particularly those destroying North Main Street that could easily go via Baxter’s Bridge
  • A major revamp of the North side of town with an effort to get more retail businesses and doing something about ease of parking. Revamp of The Shambles should only be the beginning. So get over to the blog and let the consultants know what you think!

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland