How to feel just a bit stupid

I’m very technical, I can figure most things out given sufficient time, but sometimes I just don’t get it. Take for example my recent purchase of a Nokia N770 Internet Tablet.


It is a fabulous piece of kit at an incredible knock-down price of €107 plus VAT and P&P. I believe it was over €400 when it was released. It’s basically a little hand-held computer with a touch screen that works over Wifi or your mobile connection (via bluetooth). I’ve totally got the hang of it and use it every day.

Except it came with this:


And I just couldn’t figure it out. I decided it was part of a stand of some sort but appeared to be missing the other parts.


So I gave up and left it at the edge of the desk. Yesterday I was on a phone call and was playing with it absent mindedly. Then this happened:


Oh for the love of god:


I blame Nokia :-)

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland