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<div class="summary">Very enjoyable family meal with fantastic kid-centered service. Highly recommended.</div> 
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Our eldest was badgering us yesterday that we never eat in “proper restaurants” so we scooted into town with the plan to either go to Captain America’s (a first for all of us) or Wagamama nxt door (which I’d eaten in last year).

We arrived up and made the snap decision to go for Wagamama. It was before 5pm on a Saturday and was almost empty. We got a full bench to ourselves and sorted out the kids seating arrangements. There was a baby seat for baba.

Crayons and play sheets were provided immediately and the waiter gave us the kids menus and stayed until we picked the kids food. Chicken and Noodles all round. The food arrived in less than five minutes. These are people who know how to deal with kids!

Chicken and Noodles

I was thrilled that the three eldest and dug into food which they would not normally touch. They loved the soy based sauce and the only bit they really didn’t like was the salad leaves.

Noodle eating

The highlight for them was the kid’s chopsticks. 


Only tiny drawback on the kid-front was that the baby seats are too low and babba whacked her head off the edge of the table twice.

The kids all got an apple-orange juice mix which was clearly freshly squeezed. I had a similar one with addition of passion fruit and it was gorgeous.

Catherine went for Chilli Chicken Men and liked it overall apart from the huge chunks of courgette and the undercooked peppers.

I had  classic Yaki Soba which is very like Singapore Chow Mein which I’ve always loved. Nice and spicy, lots of chicken and shrimp. My kind of chinese food.

Catherine had a Japanese Iki beer which she loved. I tasted it and thought it was fab too. Later that night I was in Boqueria and drank nothing else. Try it out.

Iki Beer

Ice-cream for the kiddies rounded it off nicely

Loos were all separate lockable cubicles which is pefect for multiple bringing kids too.

I really can’t say anything seriously negative about this place. The food is not incredible by any means but it is simple, tasty and is much more preferable to filling yourself to the gills with stodge before drinks. I can see why Wagamama is a global phenomenon. 

€83 for two adults and four kids is pretty good value too. 

Rated 4/5 on Jul 15 2007 by Conor O'Neill
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