Playground in Leap - What's the story?

Headed down to Skibb the morning for a few reasons: give the demon children a sleep, get some fish for a fish pie, go to the excellent playground there. On the way I noticed a fabulous playground in Leap. Beautiful wooden structures all inside a big metal fence. But then I noticed the sign on the gate “closed until further notice”. Anyone know why? If it is due to insurance then I’ll be forced to go to the nearest courthouse, find a savage claiming compo and headbutt them.

How about all responsible citizens sign a disclaimer in perpetuity? “I the undersigned do hereby undertake never to sue the organs of the state when either I or my children hurt themselves making use of state property. In addition I shall strive to seek out those parasites who make the lives of all the rest of us more expensive with their professional victimhood and their constant sueing of the state because of the activities of their numbskull children and I shall encourage them to move to the Blasket islands where they can set up a commune and all sue each other”.

Of course, maybe the playground just isn’t finished yet.

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