New Honda Civic ad on Channel 4

One of the best TV ads I have ever seen for a motor car. Must be a couple of minutes long and surely costs a fortune to broadcast. But worth it for them if they are ever to change the UK demographic from 55-85 to 25-35. They rightly have much younger buyers in Ireland. Just checked and they have some of the sound effects from the ad on their UK site too.

I had a look at the car in Kevin O’Leary’s the other day (whilst on my bike, strangely). Fabulous looking and much bigger than it appears in pictures. Not that I’ll ever get one (some day I want to test drive a Type-R), our next car is a VW Caravelle.

Finbarr Galvin up the road is selling a 1979 Roller. No price tag. Now that’s what you need for sitting in traffic jams. Could you imagine arriving into work driving one? Would I have to wear a suit and smoke a pipe before they’ll give me a drive in it? Or would the Civic be more comfortable?

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