Danano's in Derry - Nice Italianish food with incredible value

Eating out in Derry on a Saturday night without a booking proved to be a bigger challenge than the NI Peace Process. Eoin’s unique understanding of local restaurant booking dynamics (all that chemical engineering process training didn’t go to waste) meant that most places quoted us up to two hours waiting time at around 8pm.

We put our names down in a few spots and retired to the pub for some pints. Smoking ban down South, yadda yadda, changed my mind, yadda yadda, stinky clothes following morning, yadda yadda, wife mentions stinky hair, yadda yadda, dunno, don’t have any, yadda yadda.

About 9.30, we finally got into Danano’s which is a 130 seater Italian-style joint. Big menu built around the usual fare of pizza and pasta but with plenty of little surprises to make it interesting. It is BYOB so we grabbed three bottles of wine in the pub (less than £30 in a pub - wow).

We shared three starters between six of us; Seafood selection, nachos and bruschetta. All were excellent and the seafood selection in particular was stunning value - salad, olives. whitebait, prawns on the shell and calamari for less than £4! Tasty too.

Most people went with pizza for mains which looked lovely. I had chicken cacciatore and salad which was nothing awesome but still perfectly good.

In total we had three starters, six mains and corkage for three wines. How much? £59. Holy crap! Makes you realise how much we are over-paying down south.

Good solid food, tasty, well made, fast service and dirt cheap. Check it out if you are up yonder.

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