Eircom Broadband 11 hour downtime. What exactly am I paying for?

Few useful words for Network Operations in Eircom: Active/Passive Clusters, RAID, RAC, Multi-Pathing, Redundancy, 24*7*365 Network Monitoring, investment, SLA.

€33 per month ex-VAT for this? Next time Eircom, maybe don’t double the download speed, just halve the price.

This wasn’t just me, this was, in their words, “the Cork region”. Can anyone who has business broadband with Eircom in Cork confirm if they were down from midnight to 11.30am this morning? Are you going to sue?

Of course, we’ll all be refunded the half-day downtime on our bill. Oh maybe not, it might affect the price they are acquired at by the latest suitor who sees an effective monopoly making shed-loads of money for old rope.

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