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Smooth n Easy Upgrade to WordPress 2.0 and Connections Reloaded

If anyone who worked for me ever attempted a double simultaneous software upgrade, I’d fire them. But as I’m the boss of me, I can do whatever I like on my blog. Last night I upgraded the blogging software to WordPress 2.0 and moved the Blog Theme from Connections to Connections Reloaded. Huge kudos to Matt and Donncha and all the others at WordPress for the trouble free upgrade and to Ajay for doing such a slick improvement to Connections.

AS far as plugins go, I had varying degress of success. I dumped the “Recent Posts” plugin as I never liked the way it presented the data. If anyone misses it, let me know. I tried the “Live Calendar” plugin which is very slick except it does not seem to work when the blog is installed in a sub-directory, so I disabled it until I can figure that out. I am about to install the “Postie” plugin upgrade which allows me to send pictures to the blog via email (and therefore directly from my phone). The older one worked well in test but I never used it in anger. The “WP-DB-Backup plug-in continues to work like a charm. The “Simple Tags” plug-in needs database changes to work on WP 2.0 so I’ll leave that until I have a bit more time.The “Subscribe to Comments” plugin worked without change.

One thing I am very interested in trying is the “Structured Blogging” plugin. I’d love to do my reviews in a structured way without going totally overboard and losing the “make it up as I go along” aspect of my reviews. But the site for it is pretty poor and it is not clear if WP 2.0 is supported and I’m not going to waste my time trying in case it isn’t.

The Archives page now works ok if you want a nice way to browse old posts.

I have also started a Links page. Currently there are four:

Bandon Parish – Run by the local Catholic church but with tons of general non-religious info and a great resource.
Bandon 400 – Set-up to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the town last year. Should be the main portal for the town but appears not to be given much love and attention
Scoil Bhride Crossmahon – Best National School in the area
Kilbrogan House – A fine looking B&B. A great resource with info and links about the locality.

If you find any problems with the site changes, please add a comment.


  1. Hey!

    Glad to know you like the theme. Do remember to subscribe to the feed which will keep you uptodate on development.

  2. Thanks Ajay, already subscribed!

    The “Simple Tags” plugin is now upgraded, installed and working. The “Postie” plugin is having hassle with the sub-dir install too so I think I’ll just move the entire install to the root of the web-site.

  3. What kind of a problem are you having with the directory structure? Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do :)

  4. I had the blog installed to but presented it out as

    i.e. the WordPress Address Option was set to and the Blog Address Option was set to

    It looks like Postie (and Live Calendar) have something hardcoded to use the Blog Address Option for paths rather than a sub-dir if it exists. It would go to a non-existent page if I clicked on “update options”.

    I solved it by moving the entire blog to the root dir of the web-site! I don’t know why I was bothering with sub-dirs.

  5. Just moved to 2.0 myself on my main business site– Still trying to get it up to speed. Thanks for the links to recommended plugins. 60% of those I’ve installed work in 2.0 straight across. I’m going to check the new theme out too. . . .