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Usually I’m on the ball when it comes to great new TV shows. I’m also incredibly modest and humble. I’ve been raving about “Curb” since I watched it on DVD before it was shown here. But I completely let “Arrested Development” slip past me. I used hear about the awards and how funny it was but never got round to checking it out.

About two months ago I finally set it to record on the Sky+. Woo hoo - another classic. I love it. Offbeat, oddball, mainstream but not quite, fabulous writing and even better acting. Sure, all the characters are stereotypes and they try to make every line a puchline but it’s that rat-a-tat-tat of jokes that make it great. They come so fast but also so obtusely that you miss about half of them.

There is a great series of episodes where one of the characters tries to be one of the Blue Men from The Blue Man Group.


I can imagine this is causing the real group all sorts of problems. I saw an ad for them in the paper recently and laughed, assuming it was for the TV show. Nope, real ad. Unless I can bring rocks to throw, I don’t think I’ll be going any time soon.

UnfortunatelyArrested Development has a big problem. It is pitched as a mainstream show in the US but simply doesn’t get the viewing figures to support that. They were about to cancel it after the first series and then they won a bunch of Emmy’s so had to keep showing it. It looks like it is up for the chop again.

Lost Remote has a brilliant posting on how this might actually be a good thing for the show and how to make it even more popular by viral means.

More on The Long Tail

Unless Rupert suddenly starts “getting” the way media is heading (and to be fair he hasn’t missed much over the past few years) and takes Lost Remote’s advice to use all that Web2.0 has to offer in terms of marketing (work that meme baby), you’d better catch it while you can.

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