Man Friday not so Hot on Monday

I was recently out on a business dinner with some Dutch customers to “Man Fridays” in Kinsale. This appears to be one of the most famous restaurants in Kinsale and is nestled in a fabulous location overlooking the harbour. Parking in that part of Kinsale was, as ever, a nightmare. I eventually strapped two dinghys to my car and moored it off the promenade.

Overall I was very disappointed with the food but the Dutch guys loved it, so go figure. It is strictly old-school with very heavy-handed dishes and massive portions. But it was jammed on a Monday night in October so they clearly know their clientele.

One of the guys rated his creme brulee as the best he has ever eaten. But then this is from a race of people who’s favourite snack is kroket. Imagine a potato croquette but filled with a puree of meat-offcuts. Imagine a giant big……no, forget that, it’ll put you off your tea.

They always slather them in mustard, presumably to kill both the taste and the smell.

It looks a little bit like this:


So in summary; Man Friday’s - the best restaurant for kroket lovers in Ireland.

If you do visit the Netherlands, don’t forget to ask “Zijn er ook bitterballen?”.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland